Katie and Ryan

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Our Story

More than five years ago, we were approached by two separate friends who asked us to join their softball team. We were the first two people to arrive the night of our first game and bonded while playing first and second base. Shortly after, we began dating.

By the fall of 2016, we were both enrolled in grad school and the following February we moved in together. Over the next few years, we helped each other through late nights, presentations, and exams, making sure to take each summer off to travel the globe. In October, 2019 we adopted Ramsey and our family and hearts grew a little bit bigger. In May, 2019 we finally completed our MBA program and graduated from Boston University.

After graduation, we were finally ready to move on to the next chapter in our lives. To celebrate this newfound freedom, we embarked on a 15 day vacation to Europe. On the last day of our trip, on a balcony overlooking Lake Lugano in Switzerland, he asked and she said "yes"!

We originally intended to get married in May 2020, but the universe had other plans. To soften the blow of the delayed wedding, we adopted our second dog, Sadie, in March 2020. We continued with our plans and purchased our first home in July 2020, giving our dogs the yard the deserve and us room to expand our family. We are extremely excited to welcome our baby boy in February 2021.
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